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    Our experienced team of buyers source a diverse range of
    products in linewith retail pharmacy requirements
  • Affordable drugs
    Manufacturers directly distribute their products to us, reducing
    supply chain costs and products anthencity.
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    We offer Store to Door delivery with pay on delivery option.
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Medications and prescription drug information for consumers and medical health professionals.

Blood Pressure Monitoring, Malaria test, Pregnancy test and Blood Glucose Monitoring

We do provide instant malaria and pregnancy test to our cherished patients, alongside with appropriate medications.
We also offer blood pressure, diabetis test and advises to help our cherished patients.

Weight management

We do offer weight Loss Tips, Diet Plans & Weight Management Programs.

Menri Pharmacy is a first of its kind 24hr pharmacy located inside the millitary barracks. we offer quality and affordable medicines over the counter and prescription. We offer door-to-door delivery services to our cherished customers as well as providing a 24hr drug information service..


Our experienced team of buyers source a diverse range of products in line with retail pharmacy requirements, delivered directly. Where products are short in the market, our buyers can in most cases locate product from our network of trusted suppliers.

We offer manufacturers the service to directly distribute their products to the pharmacy. Reducing supply chain costs and ensuring it operates more efficiently.


We distribute throughout the whole of the country (Ghana) and beyond. Our logistical expertise allows us to deliver your prescription securely and on time to our customers.

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